We are transparent with our pricing structure. For year 2024:

In most cases, your specific (problem focused) examination and evaluation will cost $87.

Usually an x-ray (“periapical” type) is required for diagnosis of a particular problem, at an additional cost of $36. Some patients will instead require two “bitewing” type x-rays to check for cavities on back teeth for $51.

Estimates will be prepared and confirmed with you before we perform any treatment.

We do not believe in keeping our fees a secret from you at the time of booking, nor do we believe in giving you a “hard sell” at your appointment.

It is not possible to give an exact quote before being evaluated in the office, but we can provide a range of prices that you can expect for particular procedures.

Prices are subject to change. Incremental increases or adjustments are made periodically.


Payment is due at the time of service (with the exception of some particular insurances that pay us directly). We accept cash, credit cards, and there is an ATM at the store two doors down.

You will likely also meet Noi at your appointment