Why choose us

We are a place where you can come and get something done without all the rigmarole.

Comprehensive care is ideal and should be the goal. If you have access to a good dentist; if you can actually get an appointment; if you are fortunate enough to have good dental coverage; if you can afford the most extensive dental treatment plan; if you are able to keep up with preventive care – that is excellent.

However, some of us are in less than ideal situations. Others may have a regular dentist, but need to deal with an emergency or immediate matter. Some prefer the unique style of NEK Dental. We provide an alternative to traditional dental offices and the usual dental office environment. We are a very small, highly personalized, rural-style private practice.

You will find in us compassionate care that is free from judgment. We will listen to you, present our opinions and treatment recommendations, and respect your values and your freedom to make your own health care decisions.

Your treatment needs will be ranked according to priority so that you can plan and phase them over time. While comprehensive care is ideal, some people need to first get on track and get their most important issues stabilized… and that is something that we are very used to doing. Our goal is for you leave here in better condition than when you arrived.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Wisniewski has traveled to provide emergency and urgent care services to remote communities in the Arctic and northern Canada for 13 years. We are pleased offer similar services here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

We don’t make bookings far in advance, in order to remain available to treat urgent cases and specific dental problems that come up… but we will hold your name in priority sequence. We may not necessarily be the office for everybody. If you feel that you align with our style and our philosophy, send us a text, email or voicemail. We will have a brief consult and see if we are a suitable match.

Glover is our home since 2018, and we are so happy to serve this community, and be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

Northern Lights