All Other Insurance

We might accept payment directly from your insurance, but only if we are able to make arrangements with your insurance company prior to the appointment. Please contact us with your details.

In some cases, particular insurance companies are not cooperative, or not in alignment with our values, and we will then refuse to work with them or accept payment directly from them.

*However, for all patients, we are able to assist you in completing a dental claim form for reimbursement.

In these cases, you will pay the dentist directly. You will be given a standard claim form to submit to your insurance. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly, according to your contract (policy) with them.

Regarding In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

You should not automatically assume that seeing an out of network dentist will be much more expensive.

There are instances when there will be a significant cost advantage to you seeing an in-network dentist. However, in some cases (and depending on the insurance company), the difference in your out-of-pocket costs may be minimal.

One should also consider factors such as convenience, appointment availability, access to urgent treatment, the type of service you want to receive, and freedom to visit the dentist of your choosing.

We encourage you to get accurate quotes of your total out of pocket cost with your in-network dentist options, and compare with your total out of pocket costs by going out of network with us. Then you will have the true information necessary to choose what is best for you.

Finally, if your insurance happens to be with an ethical and honorable company, and they provide a fair contract for both the patients and the dentists, and they do not unreasonably interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, we may consider joining that network.

If you and your family members or co-workers have an insurance plan that you are happy with and has treated you well, let us know.

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